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How to Assemble a Foosball Table

Posted - 03/01/2012

Playing Foosball was very popular when I was a high school student. A group of us would always meet after lunch to have Foosball tournaments and these times are among my best memories of high school. Recently we decided to renovate our garage into a family game room. Naturally I wanted to include a quality Foosball table in our game room but I was concerned about whether or not I would be able to assemble it myself. Putting things together has always been extremely difficult for me and I've always avoided buying toys for the children which required assembly, no matter how simple the manufacturer's instructions claimed that the process was. I called a professional company that specializes in the putting together Foosball tables. They were able to deliver the Foosball table to our new recreation room and assemble it themselves for us. It's really fun to relive high school days with my husband as well as see our own children develop an interest in the game. I'd recommend Foosball for any family who is looking for an activity that can be shared among themselves and their friends. We've had hours of fun playing Foosball in our new game room.
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